Snorri Kristjansson - Swords of Good Men


Vikingská fantasy sága, díl první (Valhalla Saga, Vol. I). Tato kniha je Advace Reading Copy pro recenzentské účely. Stav velmi dobrý.

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For Ulfar Thormodsson, the Viking town of Stenvik is the last stop on a two-year-long journey, before he goes home.

But for other, larger powers, Stenvik is about to become the meeting ground in a great war: one that will see a clash of the old gods versus the new White Christ. One that will see blood wash the land.

As Ulfar becomes ever-more involved in the politics of the town, and prepares to meet these armies in a battle for Stenvik's freedom, he Is about to learn that not all his enemies stand outside the walls.

Vydal: Jo Fletcher Books (UK, 2013)
Vazba: měkká (velký paperback)
Stav: velmi dobrý, nezlomený hřbet
Počet stran: 345