Tom Holland - The Vampyre


The Secret History of Lord Byron. "A tour de force of scholarship and gothicity." - Los Angeles Times Kniha ve velmi dobrém stavu, jen vybledlý hřbet.

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Legendary poet Lord Byron comes to life with incendiary brilliance in this spellbinding blend of gothic imagination and documented fact that paints an unforgettable portrait of the nineteenth-century romantic genius as the world's most formidable vampire. Wandering in the mountains of Greece, Byron is drawn to the beauty of a mysterious fugitive slave; soon he is utterly entranced, and his fate is sealed. The supreme sensualist embarks on a life of adventure even his genius could not have foreseen; chosen to enjoy powers beyond those any vampire has ever known, Byron enters a dark, intoxicating world, traversing centuries of long-lost secrets, ancient arts, and scorching excesses of evil. But Byron's gift is also his torment: an all consuming thirst that withers life at the root, damning all those he loves...
With its impeccable scholarship and breathtaking storytelling, THE VAMPYRE is a wonderful combination of fact and fantasy, both compelling and also strangely plausible...

Vydal: Abacus (UK, 2000)
Počet stran: 406
Vazba: měkká
Stav: velmi dobrý, jednou čtená kniha